• Published in Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders (2023)

  • Collaborator: Inserm

  • Authors: Tangui Barré, Damien Testa, Clémence Ramier, Melina Santos, Fabienne Marcellin, Perrine Roux, Patrizia Carrieri, Lise Radoszycki, Camelia Protopopescu

Link et al. recently showed that among a US nationwide sample of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and chronic pain, cannabis users reported higher levels of pain than non-users (Link et al., 2023). We found similar results in a sample of people with MS living in France and Spain (Barr´e et
al., 2023). Moreover, the authors found that oil/tincture was the most common route of cannabis administration, followed by vaped products. However, while they acknowledged that different routes may be associated with different adverse effects and may be more effective in treating specific symptoms, they did not explore the relationship between route of administration and pain variables. We proposed to do so among our sample of MS patients.