Carenity Clinical Trial Optimization

Design patient-centric trials to create better clinical trials

Patient PREFERENCE Studies

Carenity has developed unique patient-centric solutions to bring the patient perspective into clinical trials.

Our innovative Clinical Trial Optimization solutions include: TPP (Target Product Profile), protocol feasibility assessment and patient recruitment & retention.

TPP – Target Product Profile

Patient PREFERENCE Studies

  • Discover what patients expect from a new drug
  • Understand value drivers for patients
  • Identify patients’ unmet needs
  • Evaluate disease and treatment burden


ENDPOINTS Optimization Studies

  • Include the patient perspective in the trial design

  • Validate endpoints with patients

  • Identify relevant tools/PROs to measure endpoints

  • Test feasibility of protocol to ensure patient participation


PATIENT RECRUITMENT in clinical trials

  • Screening questionnaire to qualify eligible patients

  • Refer eligible patients to investigators for final validation

  • Manage a dedicated online community to engage patients during the trial


  • Direct access to thousands of patients worldwide
  • Cost-effective and quick turnaround alternative for patient recruitment
  • Unique expertise in patient centricity

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