PatientLive® is a unique solution that allows to quickly survey an online community of 500,000 patients and caregiversstudies

Paris (FRANCE), 25.10.2021. Today EvidentIQ announced that its PatientLive® software is opening its doors to the clinical market. The PatientLive® platform grants access to real-time insights and reliable answers from patients and caregivers through quick polls.

PatientLive® was created by Carenity, part of the EvidentIQ group, in 2016 with the purpose of offering pharma companies a unique and fast way to get access to real-time patient insights. The Carenity team believes that guesswork is no longer enough but knows that time is also valuable. Therefore PatientLive® allows to collect real-time patient insights at a fast pace, in order to help make better strategic decisions regarding clinical patient-centric projects.
Carenity’s mission is to bring patient perspective into clinical projects to accelerate clinical trials, save costs and ensure the success of new products. With this revolutionary software, the life science industry can leverage real-time patient insights at each phase of the clinical development like early R&D, Clinical development, Clinical operations, Patient engagement, and Medical affairs.

PatientLive® can help understand patient experience (burden, Quality of life) to define Target Product Profiles, evaluate patient’s acceptance of protocol evaluation parameters and flow chart, incorporate study endpoints that are valuable from a patient perspective, optimize the design of clinical trials to facilitate patient recruitment and retention, identify preliminary feasibility for clinical projects, ensure study materials are patient-centric and easy to understand (ICF testing), and test concepts of services and tools to increase patient retention on clinical trials.

Michael Chekroun, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at the EvidentIQ group and Founder of Carenity, tells us about this offering:

“PatientLive® has always offered quick responses and has been characterized for its simplicity and autonomy of use. We want now to make this available for the clinical markets and keep this virtuous circle of Data for Good going.”

More about PatientLive®

PatientLive® is a unique solution that allows to quickly survey an online community of 500,000 patients and caregivers in the US and Europe with up to 36 conditions available, letting users acquire real-time insights via a five-question poll. Five types of questions including images and videos are available: single choice, multiple choice, 0 to 5 scale, text field, and numeric field. Polls on PatientLive® initiate patients data generation on topics including: disease/treatment burden, unmet needs, quality of life, services and communication message testing, and information and service needs. These early insights are invaluable for PatientLive® users as they enable better patient-centric solutions and materials and may guide the development of further non-observational studies and Real World Evidence projects.

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