Frequently asked questions2019-05-16T17:05:07+02:00

Frequently asked questions

What is Carenity?2019-05-16T17:08:38+02:00

Carenity is a leading digital patient community with 500,000+ patients and caregivers across Europe and the US.

Carenity provides patients with online applications to help them share their health-related experiences and monitor their symptoms and treatments. We envision to empower patients and make sure their voices are heard by people making decisions in the healthcare world.

For more than 8 years, Carenity has been conducting Real-World Evidence (RWE) studies focused on the real-life experiences of patients and their caregivers.

What solutions for my business?2019-05-16T17:37:16+02:00

Carenity provides the healthcare industry with unprecedented access to Real-World Patient data, Artificial Intelligence (AI),  and digital services.

Carenity offers the following solutions: multi-client studies, custom studies and PatientLive.

For whom?2019-05-16T17:17:11+02:00

We are working with the leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies, CROs, and manufacturers of medical devices. We also cooperate with research institutions, consulting companies, communication agencies, and healthcare authorities. An increasing number of our partners are researchers, hospitals and public and private universities.

We manage, analyze and publish the results of the studies based on real-life patient experience.

Our main interlocutors include:

  • R&D and Clinical development
  • Medical affairs
  • Market access and HEOR
  • Sales, Marketing and BI
  • Public Affairs and Communication
What is the purpose of Real-Life patient studies?2019-05-16T17:23:59+02:00

We make patient-centricity real by helping our clients and partners better understand patient needs in a real-world setting and develop patient-centric strategies and actionable solutions.
By bringing the patient perspective at each phase of the drug life cycle, we make sure medical products and services address patient needs.

Our research projects include drug and disease understanding, challenges faced by patients with chronic treatments, factors of non-compliance with treatment, motivations to switch, change or stop treatment, impact of the disease/treatment on their quality of life, need for new products or services, participation in clinical trials, out-of-pocket expenses for medical services…

Which conditions are available?2019-05-16T17:27:37+02:00

More than 1,200 conditions are available on Carenity, from high prevalence diseases to rare diseases.

Which countries are covered?2019-05-16T17:34:43+02:00

Carenity offers capabilities across Europe: France, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and Switzerland

As well as North America: USA and Canada

What services are available?2019-05-16T17:42:37+02:00

Carenity provides direct, timely and compliant access to the point of view of thousands of patients globally.

Our turnkey solutions include:

  • Patient survey
  • Questionnaire development
  • Analyses based on representative data sets
  • Publication of results (articles and posters)
  • Advisory Board management
  • Patient recruitment in clinical trials

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