• Presented at Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis (2022)

  • Collaborator: Janssen Global

  • Authors: Lauren B. Krupp, Thomas Zwingers, Maria Ait-Tihyaty, Gabriela Kanevsky, Ophélie Wilczynski, Eva Katz, Leigh E. Charvet

Fatigue is among the most frequent and disabling symptoms in patients with relapsing
multiple sclerosis (RMS). Patient reported outcomes (PROs) are fundamental to studying fatigue.
Questions remain regarding MS fatigue and their impacts, and determining the best time frame
for data collection e.g., daily assessments versus recall of fatigue as experienced over a 1- or 2-
week interval.

Objective: The study aims to use the FSIQ-RMS in order to measure MS fatigue symptoms and
their impact on daily life in a real-world population and to compare fatigue symptom data collected
daily for 7 days versus a 7-day recall.