On June 17th, Karlo Martin, Director, US Business Development RWE at EvidentIQ and Alexis Bombezin-Domino, Senior Data scientist & project manager presented the results of our Covid-19 survey – Wave 3.

Through this third webinar, Carenity presented the results of wave 3 of its ongoing survey monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 and measuring long-term consequences of the pandemic, with a focus on vaccination 💉 on chronic patients.
Carenity has conducted a survey to monitor, the impact of COVID-19 on access to health care and quality of life of chronic patients.
This third webinar presented the survey results of 3,353 patients across Europe and the US. Click below for more information:
Access to the replay
Access to the report

You want to find out more about our studies? Contact us at pro@carenity.com.