Exactly 10 years ago, the first version of the Carenity website went live in France. The platform would later become international, first within Europe and the UK and then in the US.
On this special occasion, we share with you 10 key facts of these past 10 years we’ve spent together.

For the 10th anniversary, Michael Chekroun, Carenity’s founder, wanted to share a few words with you:

“Carenity is 10 years old today.
From the first office at Cochin Hospital to the current offices in Paris and Boston, more than 110 employees have contributed to Carenity’s tremendous success.
We have remained true to Carenity’s mission: help patients and their loved ones find a quality platform for sharing and learning. We have created a virtuous and profitable business model by putting collective intelligence at the service of medical research, always in line with our values and ethical commitments.
Today, more than 500,000 patients around the world benefit from our services. Every year, around 100 studies and publications focusing on the “real life” of patients enable life sciences players to improve patients’ daily lives. Carenity’s 10th anniversary marks the opening of a new chapter as we join forces with XClinical and FMS to create an innovative Group where data sciences and technology will enable healthcare companies to benefit from an integrated offer, from clinical trials to commercialization.
Thank you to all those who have placed their trust in me, who have challenged and supported me throughout this extraordinary journey.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.” (Fellini)

A big congratulations to the Carenity family and many thanks to each of you!”

Michael Chekroun, Founder & President of Carenity.