• Authors: Michael Chekroun (CEO), Christie Rocha (Senior Business Development Director US), Tiphaine Lévy-Heidmann (Data Scientist)

Will chronic patients be the collateral victims of the COVID-19 pandemic?

While attention is primarily focused on those affected by COVID-19, the risk of poor, insufficient access to care for chronic patients is real, with potential dramatic consequences.

Carenity has set up a survey to monitor in real-time the impact of COVID-19 on access to healthcare and quality of life for chronic patients, a population that is particularly vulnerable in a context of pandemic, social distancing and lockdown.

Results from a global survey with 7,854 patients across Europe and the US

In this report, we will present the results from our ongoing survey for wave 1 – lockdown period with the following objectives:

  • Track the impact of COVID-19 on chronic patients regarding their access to physicians and treatment.
  • Understand the sources of information on COVID-19 for chronic patients and their needs for specific information and support.