• Published in Diabetes Therapy

  • Collaborator: Sanofi

  • Authors: Aude Roborel de Climens, Emilie Pain, Anders Boss and Alka Shaunik

Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) requires long-term treatment to achieve and maintain glycaemic control; however, up to 50% of people with T2DM discontinue treatment by 1 year. It is therefore important to understand the patient perspective of therapeutic adherence and persistence. For that, we use an online questionnaire was presented to people with T2DM in the USA and UK on PatientLive, a platform of Carenity, an online patient community. Those who discontinued at least one T2DM treatment within the last 6 months answered open-ended questions aimed to assess the reasons for discontinuation, how discontinuation could have been prevented, and what would have improved the experience with the discontinued treatment. Thematic qualitative analysis was performed on respondents’ answers to these questions.