Use and impacts of cannabis for therapeutic purposes in patients with multiple sclerosis in France and Spain: results from an online patient community study

2019-11-28T08:08:58+00:00 October 4th, 2019|Featured, Publications|

  • Presented at European Committee for Treatment and Research In Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) 2019

  • Authors: Legendre P, Testa D, Chatenet J, Radoszycki L, Verjus T

In France, the possession and use of cannabis is a penal offence. In Spain, legislation allows the consumption and cultivation of cannabis in private. Some cannabis-based pharmaceutical products, such as Nabiximols, have marketing authorisation in both countries but are only available to patients in Spain.
The objective of this study were (1) to better understand the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes by patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), (2) to evaluate its impact on MS symptoms and (3) to compare the results in France and Spain, two countries with different legislations.