• Presented at International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) 2016

  • Collaborator: Mapi, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health (Department of Community Health Sciences)

  • Authors: Elodie de Bock, Michael Chekroun, Donald E. Morisky, Benoit Arnould

This study aimed at evaluating the level of acceptance and adherence for various chronic diseases in real life using Carenity, a patient online community in five languages. Measuring patients’ acceptance of their medication can help better understand and predict patients’ behaviour towards treatment. All patients connecting to the Carenity platform were invited to complete an online questionnaire including: questions on demographics, chronic disease and medication, the ACCEPT® questionnaire and the MMAS-8® Questionnaire. Acceptance and adherence are two different but related constructs. While adherence assesses behaviour toward treatment, acceptance explains and partially predicts behaviour. This relationship is complex and varies across diseases.